Effective use of working capital of a construction company as a factor of economic security





working capital, economic security, financial component of economic security, functions of economic security, tasks of economic security, threats to economic security.


The article presents theoretical approaches to defining the concept of "economic security of a construction company" and its impact on working capital. On the basis of the analysis of the state of economic security and the main financial and economic indicators of the development of JSC “UkrBud”, the impact of the current assets on the economic security has been analyzed. The main groups of factors influencing the level of economic security of the enterprise are considered. It has been determined that the financial component of economic security is directly linked to working capital, since OKs involve the movement of financial resources from or to the enterprise. The indicated movement of funds, by changing the structure of assets and liabilities, directly changes the financial status indicators, in particular liquidity, solvency, profitability, business activity, which is identified as a change in the level of current security. They confirmed the relevance of the problem of the concept of "economic security" on the topic of theses in 2000-2018. They examined the main functions of economic security, which are divided into four groups and their tasks. Possible threats to the economic security of the construction industry that could cause and avoid detection threats were considered. They are divided into: internal threats and external threats. To counter and combat all kinds of threats and dangers, it is necessary to create and manage a financial and economic security system effectively.

Considered the system of economic security indicators of UkrBud JSC for 2016-2018, which show the result of coefficients of the construction company. They calculated the level of economic security of the enterprise and justified it, which showed the normal level of enterprise return on assets. Suggestions for improving the economic security of the construction company on the basis of working capital monitoring were proposed.

It is suggested to consider the formation of economic security on the basis of management of working capital and proposals to improve the level of economic security of the construction company. The scheme of influence of working capital on the financial component of economic security of the construction enterprise is developed. It has been suggested that UkrBud will isolate the financial component of economic security as a factor.


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