No 40 (2019)

Ways to Improve Construction Efficiency (Economic)


The issue is registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (certificate КВ № 16038-45100Р from 20.11.2009 р).

Proceedings of the collection are approved at the meeting of the Academic Council of the University and recommended for publication (Minutes No. 20 of Feburary 8, 2019).

 The collection covers scientific and practical experience, analyzes the problems and tasks of improving the efficiency of construction in the conditions of formation of market relations.

It is designed for students, graduate students, teachers of construction higher education institutions, scientists and workers of the construction industry.

Table of Contents


Empirical assessment of the security of economic development of construction enterprises: the European aspect PDF (Українська)
L. Sorokinа, A. Gojko, S. Skakun 3-18
Formation of a construction cluster in the format of state investment target programs PDF (Українська)
G. Ryzhakova, Yu. Chuprina, D. Gavrikov, M. Borodavka 19-24
Rating modeling of the primary residential real estate market of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
I. Shaposhnikova 25-35
Issues of implementation of IFRS in activity construction enterprises of Ukraine PDF (Українська)
О. Rubtsova, T. Kishchenko 36-39
Classification and systemization through economic security of building enterprises PDF (Українська)
N. Bolila, L. Gusarova 40-44
Improving the efficiency of self-planing of main results of building enterprises PDF (Українська)
K. Krikun, S. Oliferuk, A. Ryazanov, N. Serdiuchenko 45-50
Evaluation features of intellectual capital at the micro and macro levels. PDF (Українська)
B. Golovash, L. Golovash 51-57
Investigating determinants of energy saving management of construction enterprises on the low carbon economy platform PDF (Українська)
M. Klymchuk 58-69
Innovation component of the management mechanism of a construction enterprise PDF (Українська)
N. Khomenko 70-76
Organizational-economic system of risk management of construction projects PDF (Українська)
T. Illina 77-85
Risk management in the implantation of investment and construction projects PDF (Українська)
О. Poliak 86-93
Theoretical aspects of the management of building projects on the principles of "GREEN ECONOMICS" PDF (Українська)
E. Borokhovich 94-102
Strategy of enhancement of energy efficiency of building enterprises on the bases renoved energy PDF (Українська)
N. Hlibovets 103-112
Economic trust as a preliminary provision for economic safety of construction enterprises PDF (Українська)
K. Shevchuk, S. Pavly 113-118
Factor analysis of prices for key raw materials for manufacturing building materials and products in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
О. Skrypnyk 119-128
Raitings assessment of the participants of the market of bilding of engineering network of the Kyiv PDF (Українська)
K. Mykolenko, P. Sapiga 129-136
Innovative ecosystem as a driver of economic development of the country PDF (Українська)
I. Ivakhnenko 137-145
The essence of leasing, rent : opportunities and advantages. PDF (Українська)
О. Gritsenko, O. Sachenko, O. Klimenko, V. Vlasyuk 146-155
Economic expertise of investment project "HOUSEHOLD HOUSE" PDF (Українська)
K. Izmaylovа 156-163
Areas of optimization of operating expenses of a construction enterprise PDF (Українська)
I. Yakymchuk, L. Pokrova 164-173
Estimation of financial stability of enterprises of the building industry in the period of 2012-2017 PDF (Українська)
T. Pomazunovs`ka, T. Tsyfra 174-182
Business cycles in the construction industry: identification,analysis, evaluation PDF (Українська)
А. Mogolivets 183-189
Theoretical aspects of reengineering the business processes of construction enterprises PDF (Українська)
А. Zaiets 190-194