No 36 (2018)

Ways to Improve Construction Efficiency (Economics)


The issue is registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (certificate КВ № 16038-45100Р from 20.11.2009 р).

Proceedings of the collection are approved at the meeting of the Academic Council of the University and recommended for publication (Minutes No. 10 of Feburary 23, 2018).

 The collection covers scientific and practical experience, analyzes the problems and tasks of improving the efficiency of construction in the conditions of formation of market relations.

It is designed for students, graduate students, teachers of construction higher education institutions, scientists and workers of the construction industry.

Table of Contents


Ecological support of reserves as a factor in the efficiency of using the circulating assets of a construction enterprise. PDF (Українська)
K. Izmaylovа 3-7
Prostorova model tsinotvorennya u budivnitvі PDF (Українська)
L. Sorokinа, А. Gojko, Y. Kovalenko 7-19
Specificity of accounting operations for the construction of townhouses PDF (Українська)
О. Rubtsova 19-22
Features of development in the implementation of investment projects for the construction of objects of different functional purposes. PDF (Українська)
T. Kishchenko, L. Gusarova 22-26
Approaches to the formation of the cost of construction works performed by domestic construction companies outside Ukraine PDF (Українська)
P. Zakorko, D. Vershigora, P. Babiychuk 27-33
"Green lease" and "surveying" cincretism in the formation of the devilopers management system of construction enterprises PDF (Українська)
I. Ivakhnenko, М. Klymchuk 33-41
Scientific predication of management of innovative systems of construction enterprises PDF (Українська)
N. Khomenko 41-45
Conceptual provisions for increasing the level of economic efficiency of energy saving in construction enterprises PDF (Українська)
N. Glybovets 45-51
The system of leading indicators for Ukrainian construction companies PDF (Українська)
А. Moholivets 51-57
Features of economic assessment construction of buildings with low power consumption PDF (Українська)
T. Kishchnko, L. Gusarova, N. Bolila 57-61
Technical and economic substantiation of enclosing constructions of apartment houses PDF (Українська)
K. Abashkina 61-70
Strategy of the full gosprozrakhunku as a basis of economic stability and competitiveness of production (enterprise) PDF (Українська)
K. Krikun, S. Oliferuk, A. Ryazanov 70-73
Forecasting economic stability (at the small Ukrainian construction companies) PDF (Українська)
S. Stetsenko, А. Bielienkov, Y. Antropov 73-78
Economic assessment of energy efficiency measures PDF (Українська)
О. Bielienkova, T. Tsyfra, O. Matsapura, I. Ostapenko 78-83